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  • Are you having trouble meeting the right kind of people?
  • Are you fed up trying online services and never getting anywhere?
  • Too busy to meet like-minded individuals?
  • Are you searching for an Asian women or man in Melbourne but just don’t know where to meet them?

Melbourne’s Asian / Western Dating Site

Asian Western Matchmaker has over 18 years of experience in successfully matching single men and single women in Melbourne. Our leading one-on-one dating service has a high success rate with over 600 happily married individual and is the extremely effective in ensuring you form a long lasting relationship.

Making the most of your valuable time

For all of us, meeting and dating new people should be fun and stimulating. Too often it can feel like a waste of time, and a very ‘hit and miss’ process out there in the singles scene.

The advantage of using a caring and experienced matchmaker service is that you are much more likely to ‘click’ with your date. It takes the stress out of singles dating and helps ensure you meet people who are looking for the same thing as you.

With Asian Western Matchmaker you benefit from:

•    Free initial telephone, in person consultation and assessment
•    Thorough background and screening to ensure compatibility
•    Follow up and ongoing support
•    Range of special VIP benefits for members
•    Clear and transparent membership fees (no hidden costs)
•    Access to fun events and singles occasions

Enjoying the fruits of cross cultural relationships

Forming a relationship with someone from a different culture is both challenging and rewarding. You will learn new things about yourself and the world. Our clients find great richness in the differences they discover, learning about Asian and Western culture.

We invite you to ask any questions you have. There can be stereotypes in the media about Asian ladies, Asian brides, singles dating, cross cultural marriages – and it is not always easy to separate myth from fact. Please refer to our FAQs for some common questions. And speak to us in person at your consultation with any specific queries.

One of the services we most enjoy providing our clients is follow up support and advice. This gives us the opportunity to assist you with any challenges and provide helpful information that can make the cross cultural journey as smooth as possible!

So if you are looking for an expert service specialising in dating in Australia to meet Asian women and men, you are at the right place.